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Diversity Practices: What Are Corporations Really Doing These Days?

by Richard S. Allen, Gail A. Dawson, Kathleen K. Wheatley, and Charles S. White


Extroversion/Introversion Communications Patterns: A Determinant of Success in Business

by Edward C. Brewer


Audit Fees and Auditor Changes After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

by A. Elaine Eikner, Roselyn E. Morris, and Janet B. Butler


Cigarette Smoking and Market Failure: A Determination of the Economically Efficient Cigarette Tax Rate

by Nils Guhl and David W. Hughes

Rating Scale Format Choices for Multi-Item Measures: Does Numbering and Balanced-ness Matter?

by Havva Meric and Judy Wagner

Alignment of Strategic and Operational Benchmarking Performance Measures

by Mohammad Z. Meybodi

Borrower Segmentation and Credit  Scoring in Bank Consumer Lending

by William A. Scroggins, William T. Fielding, and Louise J. Clark


Upgrading Employee Computer Skills: Methods and Outcomes

by Sumati Srinivas

Regulation B Basics

by Rizvanna Zameeruddin

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