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Local Spending By Traditional College Students: A Descriptive Case Study

by Christopher A. Bailey, Gregory A. Falls, Paul A. Natke, and Philip B. Thompson


The LaRue Case: Implications for Defined Contribution Plans Under ERISA

by Dan Davidson and Michael D. Chatham


Small Business And The INTERNET: A Measurement Of Use

by Kenneth T. Fougere, Kenneth J. Sousa, and Laurie E. MacDonald


Doing Business With Wal-Mart: What Sporting Goods Suppliers Need To Know

by Tami L. Knotts, Stephen C. Jones, and Gerald G. Udell


Market Responses Around FDA Announcements

by Nelson Lacey and Anurag Sharma


How Important Is It For The Faculty At AACSB Member Colleges To Serve As Reviewers For Academic Journals?

by Bruce L. McManis and Carole E. Scott


Employee Benefit Program: The Conflict Between Cost Containment And Employee Expectations

by Lynn K. Saubert, Daniel Davidson, and R. Wayne Saubert


The Quest For Efficient Recruitment And Retention Across Generations

by Joseph Tomkiewicz, Robert Frankel, and Mariusz Sagan


Target Date Fund's Tradeoff Of Expected Return For Reduced Risk

by William J. Trainor


An Empirical Investigation Of Perceptions Of The Sales Profession In A Developing Economy: A Survey Of Turkish Business Students

by Beverly T. Venable, A. Ercan Gegez, and Ibrahim Kircova


Information Conveyed By Japanese Candlestick Chart Patterns: An Apparent Anomaly In The Weak Form Of The Efficient Market Hypothesis

by Pan G. Yatrakis and Albert A. Williams



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