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Microenterprise Lending At The Gameen Bank: Effective Lending Rates On A Sample Loan Portfolio

by Karl Borden



Fractured Brands: Perceptions Of Mississippi Gulf Coast Residents Toward The Property And Casualty Insurance Industry Before And After Hurricane Katrina And Their Effect On Brand Equity

by Patricia Mark and Elizabeth Braley



A Model Of Small Retailer Innovation Proneness: Early Internet Adoption As A Measure Of Innovativeness

by Rodney Runyan, Patricia Huddleston, and Jane Swinney



What Should Government Financial Managers Know About New Auditing Standards?

by Robert A. Seay and Wayne A. Tervo



Assessing The Impact Of E-Commerce Investment On Tobin's q And Other Financial Performance Metrics

by Patricia Swafford and Sandra Cherie Henderson



The Application Of Cluster Analysis In Marketing Research: A Literature Analysis

by Michael N. Tuma, Soren W. Scholz, Reinhold Decker



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