Conference 2005 Highlights

Best Paper Awards


 Najmuddin Shaik, Maria Puzziferro-Schnitzer, and
Connie Reimers-Hild earned Best Paper Awards.

Best Practices Awards


Sallie Johnson (Outstanding Instructional Support),
Carol Spalding (Innovation in Distance Learning Administration), and
R. Dwight Laws (Distance Education Leadership - photo from 2004) earned Best  Practice Awards.

Conference Faces

Where's Waldo?

Is this heaven?
No, it's Jekyll Island.

The exhibitors aren't bad either.

Everybody Conga!

Sittin by the dock of the bay...

Is this the line for the cheese?

So what brings you to this nape of the woods?

Hi! Is this the life or what?

A little food, a little wine, a little dance. What more could you ask for?

May I have your autograph please?

It just doesn't taste like a regular iced tea.

Oh, this is the conference we've been looking for.

Top of the morning to you.

Can I have some of that cheesecake please?

Pink is my signature color.

I can't wait to play in the sand.

I wish work really was this much fun.

I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you.

It was always easy to spot the tech support folks.
What's up with all the lime green shirts?
We love this conference. I mean we really love this conference.


Conference Evaluation Highlights

  • 83% said they were "delighted" overall, and 12% said they were "pleased with just about everything"
  • 74% said it's "very likely" they'll attend next year
  • 75% said the conference should stay at Jekyll or similar location
  • The "cracker barrell" got the highest ratings for conference content, followed by the concurrent sessions
  • 95% said the 45-minute length of concurrent sessions was "just right"


Plans for next year's conference are already underway. Our tenative plans are to again hold the conference June 4-7 at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. We will send a "Save the Date" notice to all of this year's attendees some time in August. Please email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list.