Advanced Technologies for Distance Education Certificate Program

Advanced Technologies for Distance Education

Certificate program


$690 Includes course materials, books, access to the online classroom and a certificate upon graduation.

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Fall 2018

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Program Begins

January 28, 2019


June 2019

The Advanced Technologies for Distance Education Certificate Program is a 4-month professional program offered completely online. The program's goal is to enable instructional designers, distance learning support personnel, and faculty to become proficient in cutting-edge technologies to enable them to develop innovative online courses which appeal to multiple learning styles.


Gain proficiency with important technologies for online learning that you've always wanted to learn about but haven't really made the time. Become equipped to take your online courses to a more engaging level - beyond discussion boards and basic text content. Gain experience using the latest technologies in an invigorating online environment, and learn when and how to effectively implement these practices into online courses.

Course Leadership

The program, offered through the University of West Georgia, is a learner-centered course based on researched techniques and proven methodologies. Course modules will be led by instructional technologists and forward-thinking academicians experienced in utilizing high-end technologies for distance education. Course participants will also be able to expand their knowledge through interaction with other participants currently practicing in the field. Course guides are Melanie N. Clay, Ph.D.

Program Content and Structure

The certificate program is a professional program that incorporates conceptual knowlede into practical learning experiences. The program offers 8.7 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) which is equivalent to 87 hours worth of instruction. The program comprises ten online modules with each module lasting 1-2 weeks. It is suggested that participants spend about 7 - 10 hours per module. Modules include

  • Visual Enhancements to Online Courses
  • Blogging: Creation, delivery, best practices for online learning
  • Enhanced Multimedia and screen-capture (Camtasia, Impatica)
  • Adding Audio Presence to Online Courses
  • Successful Video Development and Integration for the Web
  • Podcasting and RSS: Formats, subscribing, monitoring, development, production
  • Live Virtual Classrooms (Horizon Wimba)
  • eLearning Games and Simulations
  • Audio/Visual Enhanced Feedback and Evaluation
  • TekFest (Online Festival of Final Projects)

Technical Requirements

  • Windows 98/Me/200XP or Macintosh 9.x or better
  • 64 MB or RAM
  • Sound card, speakers and microphone
  • Access to digital video camera or digital still camera with video function
  • Netscape 6.2 or higher, or Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (java-enabled)
  • Free software plug-ins such as QuickTime