Agenda:  Week of September 22nd


Work Assigned for This Week Must be Completed

No Later Than Wednesday, October 1st, 12 noon


Text Chapters: 10, 15

Lecture:       Budgeting / Fiscal Management

Individual Work:

·        Complete the “For Further Thought” activity on p. 163 of the Management Basics textbook.  Submit your response as an email attachment directly to the instructor at with the subject line “Your Name:  Planning Critique”. 


Group Work:

1.      Along with the members of your case discussion group, perform a "SWOT analysis" on the library.  Decide first whether your group will perform this analysis on “the library,” on a particular type of library, or an actual library.  What S, W, O, and T’s can you identify?  What grand strategy should this library pursue?  What can this  library do to counter competition?  This week’s recorder is responsible for emailing to the instructor (to a summary of your group’s online discussion (your SWOTs, what potential grand strategies you discussed, what possible competitive measures you discussed, the conclusions you reached, and the process you followed to reach these conclusions).   In the subject line of the email, please put “Case Group #:  SWOT Analysis”.  Also post to the appropriate forum on Blackboard a brief summary of your selected grand strategy and how you would counter competition.