Thursday, October 16

11:00-5:00 Registration: Meeting Room Foyer

12:30-4:45 Thursday Afternoon Sessions

5:00-6:30 Plenary Speaker: Martin Foys Grand Ballroom "How King Harold Died at Hastings and Lived to Tell About It . . . In Iceland"

6:30-7:30 Reception: Grand Ballroom

Friday, October 17

8:00-5:00 Registration: Meeting Room Foyer

7:30-8:30 Friday Morning, Breakfast with Chaucer  Room II

8:00-10:15 Tea and Coffee:  Grand Ballroom

8:30-11:45 Friday Morning Sessions

11:45-1:15 Lunch On Your Own

1:15-2:45 Plenary Speaker: Brian Catlos Grand Ballroom "'To All Our Faithful Muslim Subjects': the Islamic Minority in Western Christendom"

3:00-6:15 Friday Afternoon Sessions

6:30-7:00 Friday Night Reception:  Grand Ballroom

Saturday, October 18

8:00-9:00 Saturday Tea and Coffee:  Grand Ballroom

8:30-10:00 Saturday Morning Sessions

10:30-12:00 Saturday Morning Sessions

12:00-1:30 SEMA Business Lunch: Grand Ballroom