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(Revised 3/28/05)

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science (BSN) program is to prepare individuals for basic registered nurse practice roles in diverse health care settings. Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Utilize the Domains of Nursing to provide clinically competent and culturally sensitive nursing care to diverse patients/clients, families, groups, and communities in a variety of health care systems (Competence).
  2. Utilize a variety of strategies to increase self-awareness and self-empowerment (Confidence).
  3. Practice nursing in a manner that reflects caring as the essence of nursing (Caring). 
  4. Practice nursing within established ethical and legal boundaries (Conscience). 
  5. Engage in nursing practices that reflect a holistic view of self and others and respect for diverse cultures (Holism). 
  6. Use scientific and humanistic concepts, technology, nursing theory, and research in evidence-based practice to think critically and make nursing decisions (Critical Thinking). 
  7. Participate in activities of the nursing profession as well as activities that benefit the global community (Commitment). 
  8. Work collaboratively with patients/clients, families, communities, interdisciplinary health team members, and others in providing nursing care (Collaboration). 
  9. Communicate effectively orally, in writing, and electronically using appropriate verbal and nonverbal techniques (Communication).


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