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UWG Nursing FacultyAmy Goodwin MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor
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Teaching Philosophy:

The importance of teaching is realized through my understanding of the purpose of life:  we are here to learn and grow and to support the same for those around us.     

Learning is one piece of the teaching/learning yin and yang, in which there are times of assimilating knowledge and times of imparting knowledge.  The yin and yang concept expresses the expansion and contraction of the total learning process in which teaching and learning are not independent in nature.  In the dynamic learning process, learning may occur in greater “quantities” during periods of thirst, hunger, and necessity for knowledge, and may also occur, perhaps in lesser quantities during periods of satiety and comfort.  Learning can be the result of sensory experiences, or as a result of independent thought.  Learning can occur in every person, in every setting, in every culture.  My philosophy of teaching poses that the role of the teacher is to facilitate this learning process.

Facilitation of learning takes many forms.   The teacher may set the stage in which thirst and hunger are obstacles in the journey of the principle players.  The teacher may direct the play to allow comfort in times of pain and tragedy.  The setting of a stage may appear to lack reality, however in any good allegory; the message of the metaphor is not lost.  Conversely, the teacher may also deliberately remove the setting all together, so that creativity and independence of thought rests in the hands of the student.  It is the precision of the setting of the stage and the mastery of teacher intuition that deems a teacher effective.

So far, it seems as though the teacher is the active participant while the student remains passive and receptive.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The student rehearses to gain a grasp of the concepts.  The student performs for audiences and critics.  The student refines the performance and improvises for the purpose of improvement.  The student takes the steps, takes the risks, and takes the falls.  The student remains active in the process and often, purposeful or not, challenges the teacher to take steps, risks, and falls of his/her own.

For the purposes of the playbill, the cast list shows a teacher and a student.  Both play an integral role in the learning process.   The message is lost without the key players – both important in their own, but making a lasting impression on each other and the audience, who is itself an important player.  When intertwined, the student, the teacher, and the audience produce a dynamic world of change -- a world of growth, education, and support.  It is though this webbing of ideas and dispersion and absorption of knowledge that wisdom of individuals and wisdom of cultures occurs. 

Thus, we have come to the crux of the teaching/learning relationship.  It is dynamic and ever-growing.  It is a partnership and interaction between a teacher and a learner who swap roles.  It is the inclusion of props, and setting, and audience, and script.  It is the culmination of individuality and intuition and improvisation.  It is a partnership, a melting pot, a beautiful union of mind and body and spirit on display for all to admire.

My philosophy of teaching is that the student does not stand on the stage alone.  The teacher does not only direct from the wings.  At the end of the night, the two hold hands – an embrace that symbolizes the partnership in a journey of mutual learning -- as the performance is applauded by the audience.  The audience is then applauded by the cast, and the lives of all involved are changed by the multidimensional learning that has been witnessed and experienced by all.

Courses Taught:


Master of Science in Nursing, Kennesaw State University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of West Georgia
Associate of Science in Nursing, West Georgia College
Bachelor of Music, West Georgia College

Honors and Awards:


Professional Memberships and Certifications:

Georgia Nurses Association
American Nurses Association
Sigma Theta Tau Pi Nu chapter

Personal Interests:

family, friends, pets

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