Welcome to the University of West Georgia Management Club! 

The Management Club is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with your peers and business leaders in the community, to stay on top of current events that affect managers today, and to show a professional interest in your line of work. 

Please contact us at sdwhite@westga.edu or 678-839-6472 for more information on how you can be a part of this exciting organization.  

Also visit our Management Club Facebook page! 

  • Membership

    You can join the UWG Management Club Chapter in three (3) easy steps:

    1. Complete the Student Membership application.  You can get the application from Ms. Samantha D. White (RCOB Rm 2220) or any of the Mgt Club student officers, or you can download the application from here.
    2. Write one check to the University of West Georgia -  Management Club - $25 membership fee.
    3. Bring the completed membership application and checks to Ms. Liz Runyan, RCOB Room 2216, Dept. of Management.  For questions email sdwhite@westga.edu,  or call 678-839-6472 for more information.
  • Faculty Advisor
    Faculty Advisor

    a head shot of Samantha White MGNT Club faculty advisor

    Ms. Samantha D. White is currently a  Senior Lecturer at the University of West Georgia.  She received a Masters of Business Administration and undergraduate degree from Georgia College & State University.  Ms. White has over five years of experience in the banking industry.  You may contact Ms. White at sdwhite@westga.edu or 678-839-4827.

  • Officers

    a head shot of Nolen Smith MGNT Club president

    Nolen Smith

    Kennedy Rutledge Vice President of MembershipKennedy Rutledge
    V.P. of Membership

    Emani  Bennett
    Recruitment Coordinator


     a head shot of Jordan Battles MGNT Club Vice President of Events

    Jordan Battles
    V.P. of Communications

     Katlyn Bradshaw
    V.P. of Events

    Michael Intriago
    Social Media Manager


    Sofia Dawed
    Event Coordinator

  • Events

    Events - Academic Year 2018

    Specific dates and topics for all meetings will be forwarded to UWG Management Club members via our LISTSERV.  In general, we emphasize quality over quantity of meetings.   Also, we typically select meeting topics that are not only related to Human Resource Management, but are also helpful in the job search process.  The typical meeting schedule year is as follows:

    • August 21th (Tuesday) - 5:30 pm
      Officers Meeting, Miller Hall rm 2207 (Hovey Learning Lab)
    • August 28th, (Tuesday) - 6:00 pm
      Members Meeting, Miller Hall rm. 2201
    • September 18th (Tuesday) - 5:30 pm
      Officers Meeting, Miller Hall Rm. 2207 (Hovey Learning Lab)
    • September 25th (Tuesday) 6:00 pm
      Members Meeting, Miller rm 2201
    • October 16th  (Tuesday) - 5:30 pm
      Officers Meeting, Miller Hall Rm. 2207 (Hovey Learning Lab)
    • October 23rd (Tuesday)  6:00 pm
      Members Meeting, Miller rm 2201
    • November 16th (Tuesday) - 5:30 pm
      Officers Meeting, Miller Hall Rm. 2207 (Hovey Learning Lab)
    • November 27th (Tuesday) 6:00 pm
      Members Meeting, Miller rm 2201


  • Resources

Do you have your Management Club Shirt?  Please contact Ms. Samantha D. White at sdwhite@westga.edu.