To declare a minor in Film Studies, please fill out the declaration form, either online or in the department's main office (TLC 2255). We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the minor. Email questions to

Requirements for a minor in Film Studies (18 semester hours):

1. Three (3) hours of FILM 2080: Introduction to the Art of Film

2. Three (3) hours FILM 2100: History and Theory of Film

3. Twelve (12) hours chosen from the following 3000/4000-level electives* (or others when approved by advisor):

COMM 3356: Film and Culture, HIST 4485: History in Film (Special Topics), PHIL 3160: Philosophy in Literature and Film, FILM 3200: Screenwriting, ENGL 4109: Film as Literature, FORL 3111: World Film, FORL 4485: Topics in National Film, FREN 4210: French Literature and Film**, GRMN 4220: German Culture Through Film**, GRMN 4240: Mystery & Horror in Lit & Film**, GRMN 4250: Contemporary German Cinema**, SPAN 4200: Spanish Literature and Film**, PSYC 4085: Psychology and Film (Horizon Seminar), THEA 3290: Costume Design, THEA 4485: Acting for the Camera (Special Topics), FILM 4081: Independent Study

*Students are required to take electives in at least 3 different disciplines.
** These courses are currently taught in the specific foreign language, but FORL versions in English have been proposed. See FORL 3111 and FORL 4485 above.
***Other 3000 or 4000 level courses may be applied toward the minor with approval of coordinator of Film Studies.

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