English majors receive advanced training in various modes of writing and rhetoric, professional text editing, literary analysis, cultural and historical studies, and critical thinking. While other majors may provide you with vocational skills related to one specific vocation, English majors are trained to be sophisticated reader, writers, and editors of texts, and they are equipped to be adaptable for work in many career fields. Recent graduates in English have been admitted into law school and graduate schools in English, Professional / Technical Writing, and Education. English majors secure jobs in a variety of fields, including all areas of business (such as marketing and communications), computer-related fields, editing and publishing, public and private education, library sciences, and creative writing. Instead of teaching you vocational skills, the major in English prepares you for the real world where the demand is for individuals who can read and write effectively, learn and adapt to changing situations quickly, and work creatively and intelligently on their own.

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