The School of the Arts (SOTA) at the University of West Georgia houses the departments of Music, Art, and Theatre, along with programs in Film Studies and Creative Writing. In addition, SOTA sponsors its own events on and off campus, and facilitates a number of arts-based initiatives in the surrounding schools and communities.

Our primary aim is to offer interested students a challenging and rewarding education in their chosen artistic discipline. Many continue their apprenticeships and performances after graduation, too, starting their own studios and non-profit arts-based organizations, gaining acceptance into competitive graduate programs, and teaching their craft at all levels of the education system. Our students also learn much more than they bargained for. With an increasing awareness of the importance of creativity in the business world, SOTA students find that they are uniquely prepared for jobs in the private sector, where divergent thinking and problem solving are paramount.

UWG’s School of the Arts is not, however, just for students. We believe that a thriving arts culture enriches any community, renders it more exciting, less expected. Each year, our combined programs and departments offer scores of events, from nationally renowned visiting artists to student recitals and theatre performances, from the thrill of an iron pour at the new Visual Arts Building, to a screening of a trend-setting documentary. Visit our calendar for more details, and do yourself a favor: come get some culture. We never stop manufacturing it.