Faculty Research


Faculty led research at BAFAL currently focuses on several aspects of general bone biology and their novel application in bioarchaeological and forensic contexts. Our goal is to create and improve techniques used in the analysis of bone that aid in identification and increase our understanding of past and present human health and behavior.

To accomplish this goal, our research program combines several projects investigating: 1) the process of microstructural alteration in primary bone accounting for change in diametric size, shape, and relative position; 2) the 2-D and 3-D morphology of osteons, one of the basic structural units of bone tissue associated with its maintenance; 3) microstructural indicators of bone biomechanical adaptation for investigations involving estimated age, activity, and health; and 4) novel techniques in the chronological assessment of past diet, landscape mobility, and even changing weather by combining microstructural analysis with advanced stable isotopic techniques.