• The Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Anthropology Scholarship Fund  

    The Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Endowment in Anthropology was established by Mrs. Henrietta Waring in memory of her husband, Dr. Antonio J. Waring, Jr. (1915-1964). Dr. Waring was one of the pioneers of Anthropology in Georgia and is responsible for defining the prehistoric cultural chronology of the coastal region of Georgia. Although professionally trained in medicine, Dr. Waring had interests in archaeology and directed and participated in several major archaeological excavations in the southeastern United States. It is indeed fortunate that the training of a new generation of anthropologists is encouraged and supported by the generosity of the Waring family.

    The Waring Endowment funds programs including several scholarship for Anthropology majors, travel and research awards for Anthropology students, a lecture series, as well as the West Georgia Anthropological Society.

    Waring Merit Scholarship in Anthropology

    In accordance with the primary mission of the fund, The Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Scholarship Fund Endowment awards the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Anthropology Endowment Scholarship to Anthropology majors at the University of West Georgia.  These awards offset the cost of education for students, taking into account the costs of tuition, fees, books, and room and board.  The guidelines for scholarship awards and the qualifications of the students to whom the awards are made are established by the Faculty and may be amended from time to time.  All scholarship and other awards are competitive in nature.  The recipients of scholarships are determined by the Faculty based upon due consideration of these guidelines and qualifications and are based upon academic achievement and potential for scholarly growth.  Meeting the requirements does not guarantee that a student will receive the award. 

    Applicants will be evaluated on the following attributes:

    1. Quality of an essay
    2. Current GPA
    3. Current performance in Anthropology courses
    4. Any Anthropology-related extracurricular activities

    Successful candidates will receive two separate $1500 awards, one in the Fall following the semester of their application and one in the Spring of the following year ($3000 total).

    Essay Requirements:

    New Scholarship Applicants (graduating Highschool seniors and first-year majors): "Why I chose to major in Anthropology". Essays need to be typed, double-spaced, 750-1000 words and formally structured to include an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

    Returning Scholarship Applicants: "Why does cultural and biological diversity matter? Include examples of how diversity helps address contemporary challenges”. In addition to above mentioned formal requirements, cite at least two anthropologists whose work has particularly influenced your thinking on the subject, using the AAA citation guidelines. Link to AAA citation guidelines.

    Application Process and Deadline:

    Students are required to apply through the UWG Scholarship Portal. Link to the UWG Scholarship Portal.

    Call for applications is in the Spring semester of each year, with a deadline on March 1st.

    Who qualifies?

    1. Graduating Highschool seniors who will attend UWG and major in Anthropology, 2.. Newly declared Anthropology majors at UWG
    3. Current Anthropology majors at UWG, 4. Transfer students who major in Anthropology at UWG

    NOTE: Awards are additional to any other grants or aid the student may receive.  Disbursement of both scholarship payments depend on: a. Being a declared Major in Anthropology at the University of West Georgia.  b. Enrolling in and successfully completing 12 semester hours of full-time coursework and at least one Anthropology course during each semester of the award.

    Waring Research Scholarship in Anthropology

    Since 2010 the Department of Anthropology awards the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Research Scholarship. This award is designed to support original student research in Anthropology and has as its goal the presentation of student research findings publicly and professionally.

    The Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Scholarship Fund requests applications for the Waring Research Scholarship once a year.  The award is designed to support original student research in Anthropology and has as its goal the presentation of student research findings publicly and professionally.  This Fall-Spring semester award includes $1000 in scholarship, with $500 to be disbursed in Fall semester, and $500 in Spring semester, contingent on the receipt of a mid-term report before the end of February of the Spring term.  The mid-term report should include an overview of research undertaken and a draft of a public presentation.  In addition, the award supports up to $600 in research-related costs, to be reimbursed to the student based on receipts.  The funds must be spent and receipts received by the end of the Spring semester.  Once the funds are disbursed and the public presentations are completed, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion.  This award may be received in addition to an Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Anthropology Endowment Scholarship and a Waring Student Travel Award. 

    Application Requirements Waring Research Scholarship:
    NOTE: Applications for Research Scholarships must be signed by you and your supervising professor on the following forms: budget sheet, cover page.

    Research Proposals must include the follwing labelled sections:

    1. Abstract: A brief (150-250 words) description of your project on your cover page.

    2. Project Description: Describe your research topic, questions, and objectives (3-5 pages). Please state your hypotheses, if relevant. What will be the focus of your research? NOTE: A research project involving living people requires CITI ethics training and IRB approval to be completed before the disbursement of funds.

    3. Annotated Bibliography: What existing anthropological literature will your research engage with and build on? Please include at least 3 references and describe their relevance to your project.

    4. Methods: There are two parts: 1. What information will you need to gather to address your research questions? 2. How will you gather this information? What methods will you use?

    5. Your training and background: What experiences do you have that prepare you to undertake this research, including classes taken, previous research (if so, list funding received, if any), extracurricular experiences, etc.?

    6. Product: You will propose research products to include e.g. a public talk for faculty and students in the Anthropology Department, a professional presentation, which could consist of a public oral or poster presentation (such as at Research Day or a professional conference), or the submission of a manuscript for publication.  Please specify the venues you plan to present in (Note: you do not have to commit to anything, but provide realistic suggestions).  As part of your final product, you will need to turn in a hard copy of the text of your presentation (not just PowerPoint slides). 

    7. Budget: You may be awarded up to $600 in reimbursement for research expenses, for which you will provide a budget. Acceptable expenses include, for example, travel for research, travel to conferences, supplies, equipment, software, postage, printing, registration for conferences, books (up to $200 total for books).

    Deadline for applications: October 1st by 5:00PM.

    Waring Student Travel Scholarship

    Undergraduate student attendance at professional meetings is a critical component in the development of excellent scholarship and a nationally competitive Department of Anthropology.  A student may apply to receive monies to travel for research or study (including field schools-domestic or international), attend and/or present papers/posters at professional conferences and meetings related to the study of Anthropology.  Funds for travel may include the costs of registration, as well as travel, food and lodging, and is decided on a per case basis.  Please note: if relevant, undergraduate students may be asked to apply for the VPAA Student Travel Award prior to consideration by Waring.

    Application Requirements Waring Student Travel Scholarship:

    1. Fill out the Waring Travel Award Application Form. This form will require the signature of a sponsoring faculty member, so talk out your plans with someone before submitting the application.

    2. If you are presenting at a conference, include with your application evidence that you have applied for a Student Travel Award from the VPAA Office (offered each semester) and, if received, include documentation of any award monies from the VPAA office.

    3. After travel: Under guidance of the faculty sponsor, the student must prepare a 1-2 page statement no more than 30 days after the travel or research award period, explaining how the original goals were met during the travel period; failure to complete this step will result in the loss of future eligibility for this award or any other Waring Funds.

    BUDGET NOTE: Most expenses will need to be reimbursed after travel, so plan accordingly.

    Deadline: Requests may be submitted at any time.

    Waring Group Travel Scholarship

    Funds can be received for group travel, such as a club field trip. To apply, fill out the Waring Group Travel Request Form
    Submission: Email an electronic copy and turn in a signed hard copy of your application either to your sponsoring faculty member or to the Fund Manager no less than 2 weeks prior to travel or to the beginning of your research project.

    Deadline: Requests may be submitted at any time.

  • Other Anthropology Scholarships and Awards

    The following yearly scholarships and awards are awarded by members of the Anthropology Faculty.

    John Walton Whatley Scholarship Fund
    Those persons empowered to select a recipient, shall give equal consideration to qualified and eligible students from Polk, Carroll, Haralson, and Troup counties for selection as a recipient of the scholarship. If no student is selected from one of these four counties, an eligible and qualified student from the State of Georgia may be selected. To qualify for the Scholarship, the recipient shall be selected in the manner established by the Foundation in making awards of merit and based on scholarship achievement while a student at West Georgia College. Financial need shall be given due consideration.

    Carole E. Hill Anthropology Award
    This award is presented annually to the senior anthropology student who demonstrates the greatest potential for success in his or her pursuit of an advanced degree in anthropology following graduation from the University of West Georgia. This award honors the founder of the anthropology program at West Georgia, who was a pioneering figure in the fields of Applied and Medical Anthropology, in recognition of her dedication to undergraduate education and student mentoring.

    Thelma B. Larson Award
    The Thelma B. Larson Memorial Award for Anthropological Research was established in Mrs. Larson’s memory by friends and family. This award is to be presented annually for an original anthropological research undertaken by an outstanding major in Anthropology. Mrs. Larson was the mother of Dr. Lewis Larson, long term faculty member at West Georgia and pioneer in Southeastern Archaeology.

    Herndon Award
    These awards are presented annually to the outstanding students from academic disciplines in the Social Sciences. Recipients must have a declared major in the field of the award, superior academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, potential for development in the respective academic discipline and active involvement in extracurricular activities. The award was established in 1953 by friends and classmates in memory of the late Thomas A. Herndon, Jr. a graduate of the class of 1939.

    Engage Anthropology Award
    This honor is awarded to a student who engages in the discipline of anthropology through critical thinking, creative vision, classroom participation, and academic risk-taking. The award recognizes outstanding engagement in scholarship, service, and/or anthropology-related extracurricular involvements.

    The Waring Distinguished Scholar Award
    is awarded annually to the senior undergraduate student who has repeatedly earned distinction from the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Scholarship Fund over the course of their studies as an Anthropology major at University of West Georgia. This student is well-rounded and has shown excellence in coursework, research, and scholarly presentation.

    The Karl T. Steinen Award
    The Karl T. Steinen Award for Service to Anthropology was named in honor of Dr. Steinen who dedicated himself to preparing undergraduate students for careers in anthropology. This award is presented to an outstanding member of the community in recognition for service to the UWG Department of Anthropology and to the anthropology profession by promoting student-centered research, teaching, or programmatic initiatives.