The Department of Sociology is committed to high quality instruction, research, and service activities that contribute to the vision and mission of the University of West Georgia. The Department embraces academic freedom and is committed to fulfilling the core principles and objectives of a liberal arts education. In addition to research and instruction, the students and faculty of the department engage in a wide array of community-based projects that serve the residents of Carrollton and the surrounding region.

For more information, please see the Academic Catalog.

  • Overview

    The MA program in Sociology is designed to prepare students for advanced graduate studies in the social sciences and for professional careers in a variety of settings including federal, state and local government agencies; not-for-profit organizations, community service groups; market research firms; and social service organizations. Coursework incorporates classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, analysis of cutting edge empirical research, and training in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Students can take coursework and specialize in the following areas: community development, social inequality, social psychology, health, housing, environment, comparative sociology, and social movements.

    Program Location

    Carrollton Campus

    Method of Delivery

    Courses are 100% face-to-face.  Most courses are offered in the evenings.


    The University of West Georgia is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

    Credit and transfer

    Total semester hours required: 36
    Maximum Hours Transferable into program: 6
    A transfer credit evaluation will be completed by the UWG Transfer Team ( Course application to a program is subject to review by the department.

  • Cost

    This program may be earned entirely face-to-face. However, depending on the courses chosen, a student may choose to take some partially or fully online courses.

    Save money

    UWG is often ranked as one of the most affordable accredited universities of its kind, regardless of the method of delivery chosen.


    • Total tuition costs and fees may vary, depending on the instructional method of the courses in which the student chooses to enroll.
    • The more courses a student takes in a single term, the more they will typically save in fees and total cost.
    • Face-to-face or partially online courses are charged at the general tuition rate and all mandatory campus fees, based on the student's residency (non-residents are charged at a higher rate).
    • Fully or entirely online courses are charged at the general tuition rate plus an eTuition rate BUT with fewer fees and no extra charges to non-Residents.
    • Together this means that GA residents pay about the same if they take all face-to-face or partially online courses as they do if they take only fully online courses exclusively; while non-residents save money by taking fully online courses.
    • One word of caution: If a student takes a combination of face-to-face and online courses in a single term, he/she will pay both all mandatory campus fees and the higher eTuition rate.
    • For cost information, as well as payment deadlines, see the Bursar's Office website

    There are a variety of financial assistance options for students, including scholarships and work study programs. Visit the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

  • Courses


    The core courses for the Master's program consist of nine hours in theory, research methodology and statistics.

    Students accepted into the program may choose either Plan I (Thesis) or Plan II (Comprehensive Exam). Under Plans I and II students must complete 21 hours of elective course work beyond the core requirements. Under Plan I students must also take three hours of Thesis Preparation (SOCI 6882), and three hours of thesis work (SOCI 6999). A thesis is required. Under Plan II students must also take six hours of Comprehensive Exam Preparation (SOCI 6782). A comprehensive exam is required.

  • Faculty
  • Admissions

    Guidelines for Admittance

    • All graduate applicants must complete the online Graduate Application. A one-time application fee of $40 is required.
    • Applicants should also review the Graduate Studies Website for individual program specific requirements and tasks that must be completed prior to admission. See Graduate Studies Application Process.
    • International applicants are subject to additional requirements and application deadlines. See Procedures for International Students.
    • Official transcripts from a regionally or nationally accredited institution are required and should be sent directly to the UWG Graduate Admissions Office.

    Program Specific Admittance Guidelines

    • Official GRE scores*
    • Applicants must have at minimum a 2.5 cumulative undergraduate GPA  (the department will waive the GRE for UWG alumni who have an overall GPA of 3.2 and a GPA of 3.5 in Sociology-see below for details)
    • Three letters of recommendation from individuals knowledgeable of your professional and academic abilities. A candidate should have at least 2 academic references, preferably from faculty with whom the candidate has studied. It is further advisable that the candidate does not choose a family member or a neighbor for the third letter of recommendation. 
    • A 750-word intellectual autobiography. Within this intellectual autobiography the candidate may want to comment upon:
      • When and where the candidate’s interest in Sociology developed
      • How the field of Sociology was incorporated into the candidate’s undergraduate coursework
      • How the field of Sociology has been incorporated into the candidate’s current professional work or will be incorporated into the candidate’s future career goals
      • Theoretical or methodological interests of the candidate
      • The candidate’s plans or ideas for original research
      • A faculty member that the candidate is interested in studying with

    *The Department of Sociology does not require a minimum GRE score and considers the quality of an application in its entirety.  However, applicants who have taken 21 upper division hours in Sociology at the University of West Georgia, six of which must be from required courses, and who meet the GPA requirements listed above do not have to take the GRE to be considered for regular admission.

    All applicants will be admitted on a competitive basis and thus simply completing the application does not guarantee admission.

    Application Deadlines

    Specific Graduate Admissions Deadlines are available via the Graduate School

    Posted deadline includes Application, app fee, and all supplemental items/documents.

    See The Scoop for more specific deadlines.

    Admission Process Checklist

    One exception: If you will not ever be traveling to a UWG campus or site, you may apply for an Immunization Exemption. Contact the Immunization Clerk with your request.


    Graduate Admissions

    College of Social Sciences, Sociology Department
    Dr. Neema Noori

  • Dates

    Specific dates for Admissions (Undergraduate Only), Financial Aid, Fee Payment, Registration, Start/End of Term Dates, Final Exams, etc. are available in THE SCOOP.

    Specific Graduate Admissions Deadlines are available via the Graduate School

  • Objectives
    • Understand and apply sociological theories.
    • Understand and apply qualitative research methodologies.
    • Understand and apply quantitative resesarch methodologies.