All teacher education program candidates must satisfy a basic skills requirement prior to admission to teacher education. This requirement may be satisfied by passing the GACE Program Admission Assessment, or by exempting the program admission requirement with other testing (please see below).

Candidates unable to satisfy the program admission requirement will not be permitted to enroll in professional education courses. Please note that the program admission requirement for admission to teacher education cannot be appealed. It is recommended that the program admission requirement be met at least one semester prior to applying for admission to teacher education.

Registering and preparing for the GACE Program Admission Assessment (formerly GACE Basic Skills Assessment)

Registration and information for the GACE Program Admission Assessment is provided on-line at:

GACE Resources, Services, and Tools

The GACE program offers numberous ways for test takers to get information about the assessments, preparing the assessments, taking the assessments, and receiving and understanding score reports. More information is provided online at:

How to Exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment (formerly GACE Basic Skills Assessment)

Program admission testing may be exempted if high enough scores are obtained on the SAT, ACT or GRE. Exemptions scores are as follows:

  • SAT exemptions: minimum combined critical reading/verbal and mathematics score of 1000
  • GRE exemption: minimum combined verbal and quantitative score of 297
  • ACT exemption: minimum combined English and mathematics score of 43

SAT scores taken prior to April, 1995, and ACT scores taken prior to October 28, 1989, can be recentered. Recentered scores are generally higher than those reported to you at the time you took the test. SAT and ACT recentering information is available at:

SAT and ACT scores may be obtained by the following means:

Praxis I

Prior to September 1, 2006, the required basic skills assessment was the Praxis I exam. See below for Praxis I pass rates:

Reading - 176
Writing - 174
Mathematics - 176

Passing Composite Score: 526 (A composite score must consist of one score from each of the three testing areas of reading, mathematics, and writing, but the scores can come from either style of test, CPPST or PPST.)