With several different offices on campus, it can be confusing to keep track of who does what. Below is a useful guide to help know what our office can do to assist both students and staff/faculty at the University of West Georgia.


International Student Admissions and Programs

  • Admits international students to the University of West Georgia
  • Issues I-20s and DS-2019s to students after they are accepted into UWG. 
  • Check to ensure students are enrolled in the correct number of credit hours to ensure compliance with immigration regulations. 
  • Report compliance to federal agencies through SEVIS. 
  • Teach other departments or provide consultation on current immigration regulations that affect our students.
  • Advises international students on immigration regulations as it pertains to their student visa types. 
  • Assists students with culture shock and adapting to college in the USA. 
  • Provide tax assistance/information to international students through the VITA program. 
  • Hosts workshops for students about immigration regulations. 
  • Hosts events for both domestic and international students to help facilitate cultural exchanges and learning. 


Our Office Does Not: 

  • Issue visas (this is done by the USA embassy in the student's home country).
  • Provide legal advice or consultation to employers of international students. 
  • Advise students on classes or schedules. We send students to advisors for anything class related. 
  • Deport students. We only report compliance to SEVIS. 
  • Make any type of immigration policies. We only ensure complaince of immigration regulations passed down from the federal/state.