Our Mission

Our mission is to attract, enroll, and retain best-fit international students, while enhancing the academic experiences of these students by providing high impact services, knowledge and expertise in advising, immigration services, advocacy, and programming to the University of West Georgia campus community to promote Global Citizenship and cultural understanding.

Strategic Plan and Goals

PRIORITY ONE: Increase persistence and progression

    • Create a culture of student success
        • Implementing workshops to communicate regulations and policies.
  • Implement holistic student programming
    • Implementing cultural activities and programming for all UWG students.
    • Set up spaces to encourage cross-cultural understanding and learning.
    • Identify and decrease barriers to student success
        • Reduce reliance on paper-based information delivery and receipt.
        • Identify international student barriers to achieving academic success.

PRIORITY TWO: Attract and enroll best fit international students

    • Create multiple marketing, recruitment, and yield approaches
        • Establish partnerships with specialized international student service entities.
        • Establish brand presence and marketing in target areas of identified opportunities
        • Increase degree seeking population.
  • Establish comprehensive communication
      • Provide checklist for incoming students
      • Utilize communication workflows within existing e-Recruit system
    • Facilitate financial access, literacy, and clarity
        • Provide students with lists and access to scholarships and waiver opportunities
        • Collaborate with Career Services to assist international students to work on campus

PRIORITY THREE: Foster high levels of student engagement leading to holistic development of students

    • Communicate the value of engagement
        • Communicate engagement opportunities to international students to acquire new skills
        • Identify a space for international and domestic student connections
    • Equip student with essential and life skills
        • Implement career success workshops in collaboration with career services
    • Engender a healthy campus environment
        • Provide training with campus partnerships to promote intercultural communication skills

PRIORITY FOUR: Create and cultivate a network of internal and external mutually beneficial partnerships

    • Build and enhance internal partnerships
        • Continue collaboration efforts with other on-campus partners
    • Create and cultivate external partnerships
        • Create cross-collaboration with other regional organizations for networking and job opportunities with UWG students.
        • Create cooperation agreements with foreign universities
    • Develop and embody a culture of collaboration
        • Encourage the International Student Club to collaborate with other student organization on campus and off campus