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Recognizing the need to offer opportunities for academic acceleration to talented high school students, the University of West Georgia allows early entrance through the Dual Enrollment program.
Earn college credit while still in high school.

Dual Enrollment (formerly Move On When Ready) is a non-need based grant program for qualified students at accredited public or private high schools in the state of Georgia. Dual Enrollment students are eligible to take classes in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Homeschooled students may also be considered if they meet Dual Enrollment admission requirements. 

If you do not attend a Georgia high school, please contact the Dual Enrollment Office at: dualenroll@westga.edu . 

Courses are offered to students on both the Carrollton campus and the Newnan Center and Online.

 UWG Admission Requirements

  • 10th Grade Requirements
    • Student must be a sophomore in high school when enrollment begins. 
    • 3.5 Unweighted, academic High School GPA
    • One of the Following: 
      • 1650 Composite SAT Score* or 25 Composite ACT Score
      • 650 SAT Critical Reading Score or 26 ACT English Score
      • 650 SAT Math Score or 26 ACT Math Score
      • 600 SAT Writing Score or 26 ACT Writing Score
    • Participation agreement signed by parent/guardian, counselor, and student. 
    • Official High School Transcript
  • 11th and 12th Grade Requirements
    • 3.0 Unweighted, academic high school GPA
    • The following test scores: 
      • 970 Combined Critical Reading and Math SAT Score or 20 Composite ACT Score
      • 430 SAT Critical Reading Score or 17 ACT English Score
      • 410 SAT Math Score or 17 ACT Math Score
    • Participation agreement signed by parent/guardian, counselor, and student
    • Official High School Transcript 
  • SAT Conversion

    Students taking the new SAT must present a minimum score of 24 on the Reading test and a minimum score of 22.5 on the Math test. In addition, students taking the new SAT must present scores that meet or exceed the equivalent of 970 (combined Critical Reading + Math) on the old SAT. This determination will be made by converting a student's new SAT Reading test score to the comparable old SAT Critical Reading section score and converting the new SAT Math test score (or equivalent new SAT Math section score) to the comparable old SAT Math section score. The sum of those two scores must meet or exceed the old SAT 970 minimum.

    *Composite SAT scores include critical reading, math, and writing. 


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