These residency requirements are for Academic Year 2018-19. 

Requirements may change for Academic Year 2019-20.


University of West Georgia requires all First-Time in College Students, who live farther than 30.0 miles from the Carrollton campus (1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA – using google maps), to reside on campus and participate in a meal plan unless they are eligible for exemption, see below. This policy applies to all students entering University of West Georgia and remains in effect until completion of two (2) semesters (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall) of residency. Housing and Residence Life will process all requests within two (2) weeks, so please leave an adequate amount of time for processing the waiver.

Exemptions - Waivers are required for all First-Time in College students who do not wish to reside on campus.

Waiver – If you wish to request a waiver of the University Residency Requirement in order to live at home with a parent/guardian, you must complete the listed form by July 1st or within 5 days of your summer orientation. The address of your parent/guardian must be within thirty (30.0) miles from the University of West Georgia's main campus in Carrollton.  Your parent/guardian's address must be the same as your official address on file with the university and/or the address on your valid, government-issued ID. The waiver form must be completed and signed by the student and parent with a copy of government issued IDs attached.

Students, with a current housing contract, who wish to request a waiver of the University Residency Requirement in order to live at home with parents or legal guardian’s, must submit a Housing Appeal, which may result in a cancellation fee, as well as the Residency Waiver Form.  Meeting the residency requirement prior to the start of classes does not cancel a housing contract.

Exemption – If you are in the category of students exempt from the residency requirement, you must complete the section of the form for exempt students.

The following categories of First-Time in College Students will be exempt from the residency requirement following verification of their status:

  • Live at home with parent/guardian – see statement above
  • 21 years of age – copy of government issued ID with Date of Birth
  • Marriage – certifiedcopy of marriage license required for students under 21.
  • Independent financial status – Housing and Residence Life will confirm status with Financial Aid office
  • Lived on campus for two (2) semesters at another institution – Requires proof of residency in the form of a bill break down showing where you lived.
  • 75% of academic load as an online student OR 100% of academic load on the UWG Newnan Campus
  • Combination of both Newnan Campus classes and online courses at 100%

Falsification of Records – Students will be held accountable for the accuracy of all information provided to the University. Section 13.02 of the University of West Georgia Student Conduct Code prohibits students from intentionally furnishing false information to the University. Violators of this regulation will be referred to the Office of Community Standards.

Please be advised that completion of the form does not guarantee approval. The University reserves the right to approve or deny the request based on established criteria.