Emergency Notifications & Timely Warnings

In the event that a situation arises on or off campus that in the judgment of the Chief of the University Police constitutes an imminent threat that requires immediate action, a campus wide emergency warning will be issued. The warning will be issued through the University’s emergency broadcast system to all students, faculty and staff.

In the event of a criminal incident that threatens the safety of the campus community, a timely warning will be issued. The incident could be an immediate threat such as an armed robbery that has just occurred and the perpetrator is still on campus. However, a timely warning could also be issued if information is received that could prevent someone from becoming a victim. An example is if there have been several rapes in a specific section of the city, a warning will be given to so a student can make an informed decision about going into that area. All warnings are sent to the Student Government Association, The West Georgian (campus newspaper), University Television and Wolf Radio – the University’s internet radio.

The University Police are responsible for initiating the emergency broadcasts. The Department utilize a network of technologies consisting of outdoor public address systems and internet based broadcast messaging service (Phone, Text, Email, and Cell Phone).

The University of West Georgia employs multiple means to emergency situations to the campus community. These include:

  • Warning Sirens

    There are two sirens located on campus. One is on the east side of campus and the other on the west. The sirens have public address capability so in the event of an emergency, once the siren has sounded, a recorded message stating what the condition is will be broadcast. The PA system can also be activated independent of the siren if necessary.

  • LiveSafe App

    LiveSafe is the free mobile safety app for students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and visitors. Receive important safety alerts from UWG and your friends.

  • E-mail

    The University’s e-mail system is the primary vehicle used to communicate about incidents of campus crime due to the limited number of characters accepted by most text messaging systems. These messages are sent only to official University of West Georgia e-mail addresses so it is important that students, faculty and staff check their UWG account often, even if they rely on other e-mail providers. Please note that in the event of a current, active search for a suspect who may be a danger to the community, the electronic emergency notification system, public address system and campus e-mail will be utilized.

  • Alternative Communication

    Depending on the need, the University may utilize other means of communication to provide the community with information necessary to keep the campus safe. These methods could include the use of University Television,  Wolf Radio, West Georgian (student newspaper) and handbills.