Important Dates and Deadlines
eCore SPRING 2016 (Full & Short Session I)
Jan 11  First Day of Classes
Jan 11-13  Late Registration/Add Period
Jan 11-15  Drop Period
Jan 15  Participation Deadline (by Noon)
Mar 2  Withdrawal Deadline (Full Session)
Feb 5  Withdrawal Deadline (Short Session I)
Apr 22  Last Day of Classes (Full Session-Finals Apr 23-28)
Mar 2  Last Day of Classes (Short Session I-Finals Mar 3-4)
eCore SPRING 2016 (Short Session II)
Mar 7  First Day of Classes
Mar 7-9  Late Registration/Add Period
Mar 7-11  Drop Period
Mar 11  Participation Deadline (by Noon)
Mar 31  Withdrawal Deadline
Apr 26  Last Day of Classes (Finals Apr 27-28)

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