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B>Quest (Business Quest) is a journal of applied topics in business and economics.

Articles are published during the year as they are accepted for publication.

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B>Quest publishes three types of articles: research, pedagogy, and commentary. All research articles are peer reviewed. Some of the other two types of articles are, at the request of their authors, subjected to peer review. Peer reviewed articles are identified.

2017 INDEX

Scholarly book and textbook recommendations are invited.

Research Articles

The Evolution Of Insider Trading Regulation

by Dan Davidson and Lynn Saubert

Does Transparency Promote Less Corruption? Evidence From Around The World

by Salvador Lopez

Pedagogy Articles

Pedagogical Note: The Correlation of the Risk-Free Asset and the Market Portfolio Is Not Zero

by Ronald W. Best, Chrles W. Hodges, and James A. Yoder

Commentary Articles

Readers are invited to submit comments about issues raised in commentary articles.

Insights Into Contemporary Issues (A Series)

by Audrey D. Kline

Big Data and Improving Patient Engagement in Health Plans: A Concrete Proposal for Helping Care Teams and Patients

by Casey LeJeune, Dawn M. Gross, Jason Cooper, and Peter Meyer

Fiduciary Duty and Social Responsibility

by Ben Branch and Jennifer Merton

A University President's View of the Evolving Role of Colleges of Business

by Kyle Marrero

Building a Disruptive Business

by Peter Meyer

The Curse of Geography and the Dilemma of Europe's Periphery

by Eduard Gracia

Conscious Capitalism vs. Rapacious Capitalism: Lessons from King Leopold II

by Hershey H. Friedman, Linda W. Friedman, and Sarah Edris

Tesla: A Successful Entrepreneuship Strategy

by Khamis M. Bilbeisi and Moulare Kessee

Tax Inversions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Phillip Fuller and Henry Thomas

Carole E. Scott, Editor

Richards College of Business

 University of West Georgia

A Unit of the University System of Georgia

Carrollton, Georgia U.S.A.


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