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Welcome to the Department of Physics

Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences because the ideas of physics underlie the other basic sciences as well as engineering and modern technology. The world of physics ranges from the smallest particles of subatomic matter to the galaxies. Physicists conduct research into the fundamental laws of nature or use existing knowledge about the physical world to develop applications and to design new products. A degree in physics prepares the student for a career in physics or related job in industry, a governmental lab, teaching, as well as for further graduate study.

The Department of Physics offers a complete undergraduate curriculum in physics as well as courses in physics and astronomy for those who are majoring in other disciplines. Well-equipped laboratories and computer facilities are available. The department operates the University of West Georgia Observatory for astronomy classes and for general public observing sessions. We also have several photographs available taken through our telescope and of our Observatory.

The faculty consists of physicists, dedicated to quality undergraduate education and to the advancement of knowledge in physics. They actively pursue research in their subject areas both on campus with UWG students and in collaboration with colleagues at other institutions.

The physics program offers seven plans leading to the B. S. degree in physics, as well as a minor in physics. For more information on the programs that we offer, please click here.

Mission and Values Statement:

The Department of Physics will provide our students with a conceptual understanding of physics, as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for their future careers, regardless of their major.

  • Our majors will gain a deep understanding of physics through a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum. They will have an opportunity to engage in meaningful research projects. They will be prepared to enter graduate or professional school, to teach at the secondary level, or to enter a career in industry.
  • Students with other majors will gain an appreciation of science and an understanding of foundational physics concepts. They will improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and be able to perform experiments and interpret data.

The Department of Physics values:

  • Personal attention to a diverse group of majors
  • Excellent teaching on the part of our faculty
  • Faculty and student research
  • Preparing physicists, engineers, and teachers for a variety of career paths
  • Service to the University of West Georgia and the broader community

Current Events

The UWG Observatory, in cooperation with Central High School, will be using our solar telescope complement to view the transit across the solar disk of Mercury. We will have multiple telescopes of different wavelengths; including white-light, Hydrogen Alpha and, Calcium K, as well as neutral density glasses which will be provided to the public at no charge while our supply lasts. This event will last from about 7:15 AM until about 2:45 PM with the mid-point of the transit at around 11 AM for our location. We will be at the parking lot off of Sue Alice Lane on the Central High School Campus for any members of the public who would like to join us.This is the longest duration transit of Mercury across the solar disk since the early 70's and will be the last of this length until the 2090's. The next transit of Mercury will not happen until November of 2019. Please come out at some point during the day to observe the Mercury transit with us, weather permitting.