Severe Weather Guidelines for the Department of Anthropology

 The University of West Georgia is committed to the personal safety of its students, faculty, and staff in the event of severe weather. University policy regarding severe weather and emergency closings is posted at and official announcements about class and/or examination cancellations will be made only by the President and/or the Department of Public Relations. Although it is not possible to develop policy to address every weather-related emergency, these guidelines are intended to provide some general direction about such situations.

For immediate severe weather situations, especially when classes are in session, faculty, staff and students are advised to follow the emergency procedures identified below:

  1. Direct occupants to remain in the building and to seek shelter immediately on the lowest level of the building in interior rooms (closet, interior hallway) away from corners, windows, doors, and outside walls.
  2. Instruct occupants to not leave the building.
  3. Evacuate all offices, rooms or hallways with windows and glass or with exterior walls.
  4. Provide assistance to persons with disabilities.
  5. Accompany occupants to the nearest designated shelter area in the building.
  6. Comply with departmental severe weather policies/procedures.
  7. Wait for an “all clear” signal” before resuming activity.
  8. Occupants will: a) proceed to the nearest designated shelter area in the building by the closest route; b) move quickly but in an orderly manner so that all will arrive safely; c) will not attempt to vacate the premises, drive or seek shelter in cars; d) take a seat in the shelter area; e) remain cooperative with those in charge; and f) wait for an “all clear” signal before resuming activity.

In the event that classes are cancelled or disrupted for less than one calendar week, each professor, at his or her discretion, will make adjustments as needed to cover material missed during those cancelled sessions. This may or may not involve the use of rescheduled or online classes. If the closures exceed a single calendar week, students should contact the Chair of the Department of Anthropology at or the professor of the class for updated information regarding changes to the schedule in the Department. It is the intention of the Department of Anthropology to handle every concern seriously and as effectively as possible.