Waring Summer Field Methods Tuition Scholarship in Anthropology

Waring LogoUWG Anthropology offers a variety of hands-on Anthropology Field Methods courses during the summer, such as ANTH 4102 Archaeological Field Research, ANTH 3188 Ethnographic Field Methods, and ANTH 3250 Field Methods in Physical Anthropology.  Through the Waring Endowment, we are able to offer competitive $1000 scholarships for students who take these courses.  The Waring Summer Field Methods Tuition Scholarship competition, offered to Anthropology majors only, is based upon academic achievement, potential for scholarly growth, and student’s financial needs.  

How to apply: 

IMPORTANT: There are two steps required in the application process:

1. Submit an application through the UWG scholarship portal, in which you are required to indicate your interest in the Waring Summer Field Methods Tuition Scholarship in Anthropology. Link to the UWG Scholarship Portal.
2. Fill out the the form under the following link: Waring Summer Field Methods Tuition Scholarship Application Form 

When to apply: 

The deadline for Waring Summer Field Methods Tuition Scholarships in Anthropology is March 1st @ midnight. 

Waring Student Travel Scholarship in Anthropology

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Undergraduate student attendance at professional meetings is a critical component in the development of excellent scholarship and a nationally competitive Department of Anthropology.  A student may apply to receive monies to travel for research or study (including field schools-domestic or international), attend and/or present papers/posters at professional conferences and meetings related to the study of Anthropology.  Funds for travel may include the costs of registration, as well as travel, food and lodging, and is decided on a per case basis.  Please note: if relevant, undergraduate students may be asked to apply for the UWG Student Travel Award prior to consideration by Waring.  

How to apply: 

1. Fill out the Waring Travel Award Application Form and bring it to the UWG Anthropology Department's main office.  This form will require the signature of a sponsoring faculty member, so talk out your plans with someone before submitting the application.

2. If you are presenting at a conference, include with your application evidence that you have applied for a UWG Student Travel Award and, if received, include documentation of any award monies.

3. After travel: Under guidance of the faculty sponsor, the student must prepare a 1-2 page statement no more than 30 days after the travel or research award period, explaining how the original goals were met during the travel period; failure to complete this step will result in the loss of future eligibility for this award or any other Waring Funds.

BUDGET NOTE: Most expenses will need to be reimbursed after travel, so plan accordingly.

When to apply:

There is no deadline for Waring Student Travel Scholarships.  Requests may be submitted at any time.

Waring Group Travel Scholarship in Anthropology

The Waring Endowment offers the opportunity for Anthropology students to receive funding for group travel, such as a club field trip. 

How to apply: 

Fill out the Waring Group Travel Request Form.  Email an electronic copy and turn in a signed hard copy of your application either to your sponsoring faculty member or to the UWG Anthropology Department's main office no less than 2 weeks prior to travel or to the beginning of your research project.

When to apply:

There is no deadline for Waring Student Travel Scholarships.  Requests may be submitted at any time.