The Antonio J. Waring Jr. Anthropology Endowment funds a public evening lecture from renown speakers on important and timely topics in Anthropology.

Spring 2020: 
"Spooky Archaeology: Myth and the Science of the Past. Dr. Jeb Card, Miami University
Spring 2019: 
"How Anthropology Made Me A Better Person", Dr. Daniel Lende, University of South Florida















Spring 2018:
"Looking like a Language, Sounding like a Race: Inequality and Ingenuity in the Learning of Raciolinguistic Identities", Dr. Jonathon Rosa – Stanford University

Dr. Jonathan RosaSpring 2017:
"When Gorillas Grieve: The Anthropology of Animal Mourning", Dr. Barbara King – University of William and Mary

Dr. Barbara KingSpring 2016:
"Growing Up Maya: Artificial Head Shaping, Embodiment and Social Identities.", Dr. Vera Tiesler – Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mexico

Dr. Vera TieslerSpring 2015:
"Anthropology Matters: Building Capacity for Tobacco Cessation in India and Indonesia.", Dr. Mark Nichter – University of Arizona

Dr. Mark NichterSpring 2014:
"Cherokee Language and Culture", Dr. Tom Belt – Western Carolina University

Dr. Tom BeltSpring 2013:
"Ice Age Peopling of the Americas: Do Stones, Bones, and Genes Tell the Same Story?", Dr. Ted Goebel – Texas A&M University

Dr. Ted GoebelSpring 2012:
"The Real Bones: Forensic Anthropology Comes to Carrollton.", Dr. Michael Warren – University of Florida

Dr. Michael Warren

Spring 2011: “Weaving Women’s lives: Three Generations in a Navajo Family”, Dr. Louise Lamphere - University of New Mexico

Spring 2009: “The First Americans: Origins and Dispersions”, Dr. Tom Dillehay -Vanderbilt University

Fall 2008" “5000 Years of Fishing on the Georgia Coast”, Dr. Elizabeth Reitz - University of Georgia

Fall 2007: “Sacred Mountains and Inca Mummies of High Andes”, Dr. Constanza Ceruti - Institute of High Mountain Research At Universidad Catolica de Salta

Fall 2006: “New Discoveries about the Ancient Maya”, Dr. George Stuart - Center for Maya Research

Fall 2005: “Call to Home: African Americans Return to the Rural south”, Dr. Carol Stack - University of California, Berkeley

Spring 2005: “Chimpanzee Culture: Nonsense or Breakthrough”, Dr. William McGrew - Miami University

Fall 2004: “Archaeology at Columbus’ First American Town: La Isabela 1493-1498”. Dr. Kathleen Deagan - University of Florida

Spring 2004: “Culture on the Ground: The World Perceived Through the Feet”, Dr. Tim Ingold - University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Fall 2003: “My Adventures with the World’s Oldest Profession (Shamanism)”. Dr. Robert L. Carneiro - American Museum of Natural History

Spring 2003: “Life in Prehistoric Turkey: 9000 Years Ago”, Dr. Ian Hodder - Stanford University

 Fall 2002: “Conserving Endangered Primates: Insights from the Muriqui Monkey of Brazil”, Dr. Karen Strier - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Spring 2002: “Emotion as a Weapon in Indonesian Politics”, Dr. Karl Heider - University of South Carolina, Columbia

Fall 2001: “The Cost of Being King: A Bioarchaeological Perspective from Copan, Honduras”, Dr. Jane Buikstra - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Spring 2001: “Media, Family and Work: Can we Have It All?”, Dr. Conrad Kottak - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Fall 2000: “The First Americans: A New Picture of the Initial Colonization”, Dr. Anna Roosevelt - Field Museum of National History, Chicago

Spring 2000: “Our African Ancestry: Current perspectives”, Dr. Donald Johanson - Institute of Human Origins

Fall 1999: “Indigenous Knowledge, Biodiversity, International Rights”, Dr. Darrell Posey - Mansfield College, Oxford University

Spring 1999: “The 1848 Franklin Exhibition”, Dr. Owen Beattie - University of Alberta, Edmonton

Fall 1998: “Origins of Civilization in Ancient Mesopotamia”, Dr. Henry Wright - Museum of Anthropology, Ann Arbor, Michigan