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    • Opportunity of a Lifetime: UWG Student Chosen to Present Research at International Conference

      Perry Wasdin  UWG student – Perry Wasdin – was accepted for presentation at the second World Congress on Undergraduate Research (World CUR), to be held in May at a university in Oldenburg, Germany.

        Wasdin, a junior majoring in chemistry in the College of Science and Mathematics, will present his research investigating the ligand exchange behavior of lead sulfide quantum dots using nuclear magnetic spectroscopy.

      In layperson’s terms, his research centers on how to observe chemical reactions taking place in compounds that have been affected by the placement of quantum dots – tiny particles that can be embedded in cells or organisms for experimental purposes.

      “Quantum dots are a relatively new technology with many interesting applications,” Wasdin said. “I’m excited for this awesome opportunity to present my research in front of an international audience.”

      Like his peers, Wasdin hopes the conference will help him gain a new perspective on research in general.

      “I’m really looking forward to meeting people from all over the world who are interested in similar topics and are excited to share their own research projects,” Wasdin said. “It can be easy to overlook the fact that scientific advancement is a global effort and that I have peers not only at West Georgia, but all over the world.”

    • UWG Student Receives 2019 Academic Recognition Day Award

      Dali DavisUniversity of West Georgia student Dali Davis has been named the university’s 2019 Academic Recognition Day honoree.

      Dali DavisThe Academic Recognition Day program honors students from the University System of Georgia based on their academic success each year. All undergraduate students chosen are residents of Georgia and represent outstanding scholastic achievements by acquiring a 4.0 grade point average.

      Honorees like Davis, a chemistry major in the College of Science and Mathematics, received a letter of commendation from the USG chancellor and signed resolutions from the state Senate and House of Representatives.

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    • Returning West: UWG Chemistry Alum Researches Learning
      LeslieA distinct pride resonates though campus when an alum "Returns West" to pursue his or her career. In the case of UWG alum Dr. Logan Leslie--assistant professor in chemistry since fall of 2017, following two years as limited term instructor--this sense of homecoming is not limited to his decision to instruct here. His voyage full circle has an even deeper meaning once you know his history.

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    • It's Fundamental: UWG Professor Receives Research Grant
      McP Dr. Martin McPhail, assistant professor of chemistry, has been awarded a grant from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. The grant supports fundamental research directly related to petroleum or fossil fuels at nonprofit organizations. It provides chemists with the opportunity to initiate new research direction. McPhail intends to use this grant to enhance the understanding of a bigger picture.

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    • Chemistry Professor Earns Teacher Quality Grant
      Dutt Dr. Sharmistha Basu-Dutt, chair and professor of chemistry at the University of West Georgia, has received a grant of $40,425. The University of Georgia awarded Basu-Dutt the Teacher Quality grant, and the money is intended to be used on a 50 hour, 5 PLU workshop for 24 teachers from Fulton, Coweta and Douglas counties.

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    • UWG, Alum Share Lasting Chemistry
      Critt When University of West Georgia chemistry graduate Chris Crittenden ‘12, decided to “go west,” he did not realize the impact it would have on his life. Meeting the love of his life, finding his passion and taking advantage of opportunities, Crittenden spent his time at UWG making the most of his experience by creating lasting connections and impressions.

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    • Dual Reaction: UWG Forging New Paths for Chemistry Students
      Ap Not all scientists are created equal. University of West Georgia chemistry dual degree student Louis Apraku-Boadi began his college career struggling in his math and science courses. This lack of understanding fueled Louis' desire to learn more and dedicate more time to his studies, ultimately becoming the driving force to pursue a dual degree in chemistry and chemical engineering.

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    • Chemistry Workshop Leader Scholarship Funded by Lucille Garmon
      Garm University of West Georgia Professor Emerita of Chemistry Dr. Lucille Garmon believed steadfastly that no student should be kept from completing his or her education due to financial strain. It was from that belief that she established the Chemistry Workshop Leader Scholarship in 2012 to support UWG students pursuing an undergraduate degree with a major in chemistry.

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    • UWG Chemistry Grad Aims to Knock out Sickle Cells
      Cell If you were to ask a random group of people to name five famous female scientists, their list may begin and end with Marie Curie. Historically, science has been considered a "man's field," and today's up-and-coming female scientists often find themselves lacking female mentors. For this very reason, UWG senior chemistry major Edidiong Umoren says more women should be driven to chase their scientific dreams - not give up on them.

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    • Chemistry Students Accepted Into Georgia Medical Schools
      Bott Two University of West Georgia students get the chance to fulfill lifelong ambitions to become the men they have always admired. Michael Stevens and Taylor Payne graduated in December and have been accepted to medical school for start in the fall. Michael will attend Mercer University School of Medicine in Atlanta, and Taylor will be attending the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

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    • 5th Annual Southeast Regional GURC (Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference) 
      On Saturday, November 5, 2016 several of our undergraduate chemistry majors attended the 5th Annual Southeast Regional GURC (Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference) to present their research. Among those attending were Aminah Wilson, Jordan Davoll, and Scott Inthysone along with Dr. Megumi Fujita.

      GURC 01

      GURC 02

      GURC 03

    • 3rd Annual Presidential 5K
      On October 20, 2016 UWG Chemistry Faculty, Staff, and students came together to provide experiments and demos for kids during the 3rd Annual Presidential 5K. Dr. Basu-Dutt, Chair of the Chemistry Department, says, "I am very proud of the active participation of the ACS Club and EHL Club." Pictures are provided by Dr. Fujita.


    • UWG Safe Treat 2016
      ACS Club and EHL Club



    • Roopville Elementary Visits UWGing 1
      On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, Roopville Elementary School visits the Chemistry Department at UWG for some fun and interactive demonstrations.


    • ERN conference in Washington DC. 
      Jordan Davoll and Aminah Wilson at the ERN conference in Washington DC. March 2-4th

      They presented on their research on Indole containing colormetric sensors.
      Washington Conference


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