At the University of West Georgia we're not bound by tradition. When everyone else is going east, we Go West - to a world of unfettered opportunity. We are blazing trails to new possibilities for scholarly achievement, creative expression and service to humanity. Every day, our students and faculty prove that amazing things happen when you Go West.

Our brand statement tells people who we are and what we find to be important. It communicates our vision and embodies our ideals.

What is Go West?

Go West refers not only to our geographic standing in the state, but symbolically refers to exploring, discovering and learning about yourself and the world around you.

  • It suggests an alternate direction for your future – one that offers greater possibilities, opportunities and freedom to make your own mark.
  • It’s non-traditional and captures the imagination – as the prospect of “going west” always has. Therefore, it is provocative, not predictable.
  • “West” is synonymous with possibility and unfettered opportunity – a university that is more progressive, enlightened, advanced and pioneering.

Why the Go West Brand?

Research revealed that people valued what we have at UWG: our professors, the way we mentor students, our diversity, our respect for independent thinking and how UWG allows you to create your own niche. It also showed that not nearly enough people know these things about UWG. Those who were aware often confused UWG with other institutions. The Go West brand was created to help us share the message about everything UWG has to offer.

Who is Interested in Go West?

Right-fit students who don’t want to follow the crowd will be inspired by the virtually unlimited ways to make their mark – leadership opportunities, discovering potential career paths, finding new ways to make a difference.

Current students can feel proud to be part of a university community that has such momentum and potential; proud that they didn’t simply follow the crowd; proud of the marks they’re making – all they’re accomplishing – at UWG.

Faculty and staff make their marks in the programs and courses they develop to support students. In research, in mentoring, in changing their students’ lives.

Alumni went West and beyond to make their marks – in successful lives and careers. We want them to feel connected to the university and support the independent, adventurous spirit of the students who have (and will) follow.

Public citizens, including residents of Carroll County and the west Georgia region may be inspired by the “West” spirit to make their mark by connecting to and showing support for the campus community, and by recommending that high school students in their lives explore UWG.

Brand Language

The words that we use to talk about UWG can be a powerful tool for reinforcing our brand. Below is a list of words associated with the Go West brand. Keep these words in mind as you create communications, presentations and documents. Scattering a few throughout a speech or document can help make your point while subtly reminding the listener of UWG’s unique character.

Change of perspective
Quality education
Make your mark
New possibilities
Scholarly achievement
Creative expression
Service to humanity
Academically strong
Right fit
Unlimited potential

Apart from the crowd
Find your path
Best and brightest

Land of opportunity
Make history

Branding Use Examples

You may have noticed our billboards, television and radio advertising –  you can see our TV spots at Explore West – but we’ve been incorporating the Go West brand in lots of other creative ways. 

One way to show your Go West pride is through the use of promotional items. Cups, t-shirts, pens and more are ideal for parades, conferences, guest speaker gifts and other events. Contact UCM to talk about options and to find out how you can order Go West merchandise for your next promotion.

Communication Templates

Our Creative Services team has developed a set of communication templates to help you brand your communication within the university and to those outside the UWG family.