The University of West Georgia began its 100th year on August 18, 2006.

The centennial celebration lasted throughout the entire 2006-07 academic year and included special events honoring the rich history of the A&M School, the Junior and Senior College, and the University.

These pages are designed to give you a quick look at the past 100 years.

A Century of Success

Over the course of 100 years, scores of people and events have shaped the university’s destiny. For a sketch of that history, this timeline highlights just a few of the many notable moments and introduces some of the visionary leaders from across the decades.

For a more complete history, check out "From A&M to State University" written by J.C. Bonner, Myron W. House and James W. Mathews.

"If these walls could talk..."

Many people — educators, community leaders and of course, students — have played a part in shaping the university’s history. You are invited to meet some of them through a series of monthly installments written by Doug Vinson, instructor of journalism at UWG.