The University of West Georgia showcases many opportunities for students who achieve academic excellence to shine. Most recently, UWG announced the creation of the President’s List, a record of an elite class of Wolves who achieve a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.

President's List    
TitleUpload DateLink
Spring 2024 President's ListMay 23, 2024Download (PDF)
Fall 2023 President's ListDecember 18, 2023Download (PDF)
Summer 2023 President's ListAugust 3, 2023Download (PDF)
Spring 2023 President's ListMay 22, 2023Download (PDF)
Fall 2022 President's ListDecember 16, 2022Download (PDF)
Summer 2022 President's ListAugust 17, 2022Download (PDF)
Spring 2022 President's ListMay 27, 2022Download (PDF)
Fall 2021 President's ListJanuary 5, 2022Download (PDF)
Summer 2021 President's ListMay 27, 2022Download (PDF)
Spring 2021 President's ListJune 1, 2021Download (PDF)
Fall 2020 President's ListDec. 17, 2020Download (PDF)
Summer 2020 President's ListSept. 22, 2020Download (PDF)

Note: Names may be withheld from these lists due to student requests for confidentiality.