Departmental Goals

  1. To provide physically and learning disabled students eligible for testing-related accommodations (such as extended time, a relatively distraction-free setting, the use of a reader and/or transcriber) an environment in which they can perform as best as they are able.
  2. To support the large scale testing needs of academic departments, the institution, online/distance learning students, and various other entities such as national testing companies which require the services of a testing office cognizant of the obligations to be met in terms of maintaining the integrity and security of the tests administered whether the tests be in a paper/pencil format or in a computer-based format.

Assessing Departmental Goals

  1. An initial “interview” is held with each student eligible for accommodated testing to review the documentation which establishes the accommodations to be made.  These students are asked at the conclusion of each testing session if the environment and other options made available to them were satisfactory.  Those problems reported over which the testing office has control are resolved to the best of the office’s ability.
  2. The success of the testing program in general is based on whether or not it meets its obligations to faculty, students, testing companies, and so forth.  When possible, tests administered on behalf of faculty are returned to the faculty member’s departmental mailbox that same day; in no case has the test not been returned within a 24 hour time frame.  Distance learning exams, eCore exams, and other tests needing to be sent off campus are mailed according to the testing agency’s stipulations (fax, US Postal Service, or courier such as FedEx or UPS) within one day after test completion.  Nationally standardized exams such as the SAT or ACT are returned according to the testing company’s instructions no later than the Monday following the Saturday administration.  Any concerns identified by faculty or any other testing entity are responded to promptly.