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A World of Possibilities.

The B.S. in Anthropology combines social science and natural sciences, ideal preparation for a multitude of applied and academic careers.

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  • 120 credit hours
  • Fully developed four-field program
  • State-of-the-art labs for experiential learning
  • Fieldwork embedded in coursework
  • Endowed program with a variety of academic and research scholarships
  • Concentrated focus on undergraduate research and mentoring
Students gain experience through research opportunities in the Waring Lab.

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The B.S. in Anthropology at UWG empowers students, offering fully-developed coursework in four subdisciplines. Our students graduate with a well-rounded knowledge of the human experience.

  • Archaeological Anthropology: Excavate and analyze the archaeological record.
  • Biological Anthropology: Examine biological evolution and diversity.
  • Cultural Anthropology: Interface with cultures from the past and present.
  • Linguistic Anthropology: Investigate how language enables the creation of society and culture.

Find Your Dream Job

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Find Your Dream Job

By focusing on the study of human behavior, the B.S. in Anthropology is well suited for variety of careers in education, business, government, and non-profit/community fields; and also offers an excellent foundation for graduate school, opening even more future-forward possibilities. Graduates in anthropology go on to become:

  • Archaeologists
  • Medical Researchers
  • Crime Scene/Forensic Investigators
  • Cultural Resources Specialists
  • Counselors
  • Museum Curators
  • Market Researchers
  • Tour Guides
  • Human Resources and Social Workers
  • Data Analysts

Leverage Your Degree

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Leverage Your Degree

Pair a B.S. in Anthropology with one of UWG's interdisciplinary certificates for specialized knowledge that will give you an edge in the job market. For example:

Learn by Experience

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Learn by Experience

While earning a B.S., our students experience anthropology beyond the traditional classroom. They conduct hands-on research in the field, present at professional conferences, and exit our program ready for real-world careers as well as graduate studies. Explore our research labs:

West Success

Carla Mateo-Aguilar

"Being in the Biological and Forensic Anthropology Lab has given me the opportunity to showcase my ability to create a fun and effective lab workshop, where students can learn about paleopathology, and expand my interest in and knowledge of physical anthropology."

- Carla Mateo-Aguilar '21, BAFAL Lab and Field Coordinator, Waring Research Scholarship Awardee

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UWG Anthropology welcomes you to learn what it means to be human and explore the world through a wider lens.

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