As the study of what it means to be human, Anthropology is a cutting-edge discipline that stands out in breadth and scope.

Analyze the three “Bs” of Homo sapiens: Biology, Behavior, and Belief. Engage with humans across time and space. Learn about their unique evolution and diversity – from prehistory to the present – through the subdisciplines of archaeology, biology, culture, and linguistics.

  • Archaeological Anthropology focuses on the excavation and analysis of the archaeological record;
  • Biological Anthropology examines the biological evolution and diversity of our various human species;
  • Cultural Anthropology interfaces with living cultures and is the description and analysis of contemporary living cultures;
  • Linguistic Anthropology investigates how people communicate across the globe, and how language enables the creation of society and culture.

We invite you to pursue a degree in Anthropology, study what it means to be human, and view the world through a wider lens! 

Interdisciplinary Programs

New Major

Group of students on the Greenbelt

New Major

In addition to the traditional Anthropology major, we now offer a new major in Cross-Cultural Health and Spirituality, which specializes in how spirituality and health intersect in the United States and around the world, addressing newly-emerging interests and employment opportunities in the field of global health and wellness. With a more streamlined and targeted set of course options, this new concentration focuses on cultural anthropology, religion, and health/wellness, while still covering coursework in archaeology, and linguistic and biological anthropology.

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Anthropology Scholarships at UWG

winners of various anthropology scholarships

Anthropology Scholarships

Through the generous support of the Antonio J. Waring Jr. Endowment, the UWG Anthropology Program offers a range of diverse scholarships to its students, including scholarships for academic merit, undergraduate research, and travel. These competitive scholarships are awarded on a semesterly basis and are based on academic achievement and potential for scholarly growth.

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Exceptional Facilities

Students and professors working in the Biological and Forensic Anthropology Laboratory

Exceptional Facilities

The Anthropology Program makes use of two exceptional laboratories, the Antonio J. Waring Jr. Archaeological Laboratory and the Biological and Forensic Anthropology Laboratory (BAFAL). Thousands of prehistoric and historic archaeological collections are held in trust by the Waring lab, and provides students with hands-on experiential training in archaeological and curatorial methods.. BAFAL is an open lab space where students and faculty alike can conduct research and participate in experiential learning opportunities related to biological and forensic anthropology. 

Successful Students, Supportive FacultySuccessful Students, Supportive Faculty

Jawonna Coleman, Anthropology student

Successful Students, Supportive Faculty

“One of the highlights of my experience in Anthropology at UWG would be the in-depth mentoring that I have received ... making me realize the importance of Anthropology in our world as well as my personal life.”

-Jawonna Coleman, Waring Distinguished Scholar

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