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The Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Archaeological Laboratory is a research facility dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of knowledge about past cultures within Georgia and nearby areas.

The laboratory supports the archaeological research and instructional activities of the faculty in the Anthropology Program and is a resource for visiting scholars from across the United States.

By participating in UWG's Student Research Assistant Program, Anthropology major Jessica Dees was able to earn money and explore her passion for experimental anthropology in the Waring Lab.

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Student working in Waring Lab

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The Lewis H. Larson, Jr. Volunteer Program is a continuous program, allowing volunteers to work alongside the professional staff and faculty from the UWG Anthropology Department.

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Curating a Collection


Curating a Collection

The Waring Laboratory, within its mission, welcomes the submission of archaeological collections for curation and research use. We accept collections with continuing research value from state and federal agencies, municipalities, and the private sector.

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