On-site scholarly use of the archaeological collections (artifacts and records) curated at the Waring Laboratory is encouraged. 

Access is provided to professional archaeologists, graduate students, and others with legitimate research interests upon request on a scheduled basis within normal operating hours. Visiting researchers are provided with analysis space along with access to a computer and copy machine. Other laboratory resources such as library materials, maps, microscopes, digitizing tablets, scales, and photographic equipment also are available to help facilitate research. Copying and expended supplies will be charged at cost to the researcher.  Assistance with local housing options can be provided and a limited amount of funding may be available to help defray travel costs.

Some restrictions apply. Researchers must agree to honor the Waring Laboratory’s protocols for collections use.  Some collections, or their component parts, also may have limited access or be inaccessible due to NAGPRA agreements and negotiations. Collections held-in-trust for and owned by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will require a separate permit prior to collections access.

Prospective researchers should contact the Laboratory Director to identify the collection(s) of interest, discuss their research objectives, and secure approval for research access.

The researcher must complete and submit On-Site Collections Access Agreement* form to the Curator of Collections and schedule an arrival time. Contact the Curator of Collections for help filling out the form.