Honoring our roots in Humanistic Psychology, the M.A. program in psychology provides a generalist graduate educational experience that allows our students to develop a finer conceptual understanding of the field of psychology in general, and of human science psychologies in particular. We strive to engage M.A. students in a process of self-reflection and personal growth with consequent implications for life and vocation. Our M.A. program also fosters an ongoing commitment to contributing to the social good.

We aspire to support our Master’s students in demonstrating achievement of these objectives through the following outcomes:

  1. understanding and critically applying the dominant themes, conflicts, and perspectives within psychology;
  2. manifesting this understanding in appropriate and professional oral and written work;
  3. evidencing self-reflective and meta-level perspectival thinking and feeling in coursework and classroom interaction;
  4. clarifying a professional identity and vocational development informed by psychology;
  5. establishing an informed commitment to the helpfulness of psychology for the public good.