Your Future in Psychology


Your Future in Psychology

Psychology is a very broad field with many career and vocational paths for you to pursue. Please see the possibilities below.

Speciality Areas of Focus or Concentrations

Specialty Areas of Focus or Concentrations

Within the broadly generalist M.A. frame, and in consultation with a departmental advisor, some students may choose a specific informal area of concentration, or focus. We offer the following as examples of areas of concentration pursued by students in our program. Note that these areas are overlapping and are not intended to suggest exclusivity of emphasis, and note too that not all these content areas (and their related courses) may be offered or available during a student’s period of Master's enrollment.

Concentration Areas

Visual representation of concentration areas within the scope of the Psychology Masters programPlease click each concentration for a detailed description of its area of study.


Download Accessible M.A. Tree (PDF)