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Our doctoral program is committed to challenging the binaries that plague psychology through a rigorous dialectic of practice and reflection. If this is part of your passion, you will be interested in our program.

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The Ph.D. program in Psychology at the University of West Georgia is focused on the study of Consciousness and Society. The program’s strong humanistic, cultural/critical, and transpersonal foundations mean that scholarship is linked to social engagement.


Information regarding credit hour requirements, course offerings including core and elective classes, tuition and fees, and other logistical information for the program.

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An overview of the qualities and criteria we look for in admitting prospective students to our doctoral program, as well as the instructions and procedures on how to apply to our Ph.D. program.

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A brief history of the conception of the doctoral psychology program at West Georgia, a description of the core values guiding our curricula, and the main objectives that we aim to help our doctoral students achieve as they pass through the Ph.D. program. 

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Psychology Ph.D. Program Details

What to Expect from Our Program

The Psychology Ph.D. Program is grounded in the Department's approach to psychology as a distinctively human science. It will educate future scholars and practitioners at the highest level of the discipline to make original contributions to theory and knowledge. Our graduates will serve as researchers, consultants, leaders, and teachers who can creatively facilitate transformations in a global society. The program reflects three theoretical approaches to analyze the intersection of consciousness and society: Humanistic, Critical, & Transpersonal. These approaches serve as reflexive and reflective anchors to the scholarly trajectory of our students in developing their own research interests.

All of the theoretic perspectives that inform the curriculum indicate a fundamental value of the program, to privilege the question of one’s subjective accounting of an event, either in experiential or discursive terms. Whether in terms of reflexivity or awareness, this value links each of these traditions to more qualitative approaches to which the Departmental teaching is also committed.

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Student Resources

Are you an undergraduate student looking for a course overload form, class waitlist link, major/minor declaration instructions, etc? Or a graduate student looking for an independent study form, Graduate Assistantship form, dissertation proposal or comprehensive exam forms, travel reimbursement forms for conferences, etc? Browse here for all the forms and links you need in one convenient place!

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Graduate Colloquium

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Graduate Colloquium

The Graduate Colloquium was established in Spring 2019 as a monthly departmental event. The event gives Master and PhD students the opportunity to present a research project at any stage of development, be it the first ideas and plans, a full-fledged proposal, a conference presentation (planned or already held), or a final paper from a graduate class formulating original ideas.

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