Psych Out/Psych In is an annual day we devote to community in a kind of double movement; “out” to others and our surrounding communities and “in” towards ourselves as community of teachers and students. Psychology faculty and students spend a day together – typically the day after SPARC – and first go “out” to a close community and work there together; around noon, we come back to Melson, which is our building, and share a community pot luck inside or outside as pick-nick in our garden and possibly some of the many gifts in our community, such as yoga, music, art etc.

The last two years, faculty and students were meeting in their dirt clothes at UWG’s community garden and worked from early in the morning until noon at planting asparagus and salad, binding up young tomatoes, pulling out weed, and even pulling out a whole corn field – which was a hard and great work! UWG community garden raises vegetables as donation for the Carrollton community.