UWG has many opportunities for assistance, including specialized Psychology scholarships and assistantships. 

Dr. Mike Arons, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, was honored by former students, faculty, and friends by the establishment of the Mike Arons Humanistic Psychology Scholarship at the University of West Georgia. The scholarship fund was established by former students Dr. Larry Schor, UWG associate professor of psychology, and Dr. John Buchanan, president of the Helios Foundation, to benefit a UWG graduate student majoring in psychology. 

The scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. The recipient shall be a graduate student in the Masters program in psychology.
  2. The recipient shall demonstrate a working knowledge of major thinkers and the conceptual underpinnings of Humanistic Psychology.
  3. The recipient shall demonstrate creative ways of engaging psychological challenges, whether academic, professional, or personal in nature.
  4. The recipient shall demonstrate a willingness to extend his or her knowledge to social and cultural contexts


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Dr. James “Jim” Thomas was one of the legacy founders of the UWG Psychology Department. Working closely with Dr. Mike Arons they created an astonishing 45 new courses for the program which attracted students from all over the world to visit and study UWG’s unique approach of Humanistic Psychology. In honor of his contribution to the department the Jim Thomas Humanistic Psychology Award was founded.

The scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. The recipient shall be a Masters student in psychology.
  2. The recipient will be a person who manifestly works with growing awareness, reflection, and courage to take personal responsibility toward living authentically and honestly and in so doing catalyzes and nourishes those around him or her.

Students choosing to apply should:

  • Watch for the announced deadline (usually each spring semester)
  • Prepare a brief (no more than 3000 words) description of how your work and/or experience expresses the above qualities, and send it to the chair(s) of the MA Awards committee
  • An awards committee will review all applications and announce an awardee at the Student Psychology Annual Research Conference (SPARC) in April.


Learn More about Jim Thomas and the History of Psychology at UWG

Looking for a way to support your education financially, while also accumulating important professional experience? Please consider applying for an assistantship. Assistantships are important sources of funding and professional development for Masters students in the Psychology program, involving supervised work experience in research, teaching, and service responsibilities in collaboration with faculty members. Assistantships include tuition weaver, a monthly stipend, and no more than 20 hours of weekly work.

Students applying for assistantships much have a 3.5 undergraduate GPA, be presently enrolled in the Masters Program, and demonstrate compatibility of interests and aptitude with supervising faculty members. During the period of their assistantship students must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Available assistantships are posted on the UWG Employment site.