A degree in Social & Behavioral Health prepares graduates by teaching them to analyze the complex social, structural, and environmental factors affecting health and well-being. With a strong foundation of health-related psychology and sociology courses, students learn to recognize the social factors that determine health; health issues across the lifespan; evaluation methods; how community and social factors contribute to a variety of public health solutions and policies. Before graduation, SBH majors complete an internship practicum that provides real work experience and the cultural competence necessary for successful communication in multicultural and diverse social contexts.

Our graduates apply their research, data analysis, negotiation, and empathy skills in a variety of careers, including: health care administration, case management, advocate, behavioral analyst, behavioral management aide, mental health program coordinator, public health services officer community services outreach, public health aide, medical services coordinator, patient navigator, and health information/medical records administration.

What our graduates say about the program:

“With the Social and Behavioral Health program I was able to continue on a path that adequately prepared me for nursing school...the program changed my outlook of life and opened my eyes to a new approach and a new pathway to get to my goals and aspirations [accomplished]. For that reason, I am greatly appreciative.” - Yakira Hamilton, student at Georgia Southwestern State’s Nursing Program

What our graduates are doing:

Positions and Organizations  
Positions/Job TitlesOrganizations
Registered Behavior TechnicianNorth Georgia Autism Center
Advocate Training CoachUnited Health Group
Social Services Specialist DFCS
Behavioral TherapistApplied Behavior Mental Health Counseling
Graduate Programs  
Place of Higher EducationProgram
University of GeorgiaMaster of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis
Georgia State UniversityMaster of Public Health
Augusta UniversityMaster of Public Health, Concentration in Health Management