As Sociologists we study and learn about the world with a primary focus on understanding the social problems we see around us, but how do we work to address these problems?

Sociology Applied with Purpose (SAP) is a student group designed to help Sociology students apply and mobilize the knowledge they have gained in their studies to help create social change and have positive effects on their communities. SAP is meant to serve as an incubator for applied sociological initiatives. The group’s goal is to take ideas still in their infancy and to provide the intellectual and practical support to help these ideas grow into developed and established applied initiatives.

Applying Sociology can be done through academic work (research projects, academic presentations and papers), public sociology (op-eds, blogs, public presentations, and other public outreach), and service (starting non-profit organizations, volunteering, and employment in organizations that serve the needs of the community). The assistance SAP can provide includes (but is not limited to) brainstorming, research, editing, grant writing, volunteer support, job shadowing, and network connections to the community.