Watch our art students at work. Their experiences at UWG prepare them to become the next generation of art professionals.

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UWG Art Program Teaches Ancient Method via Anagama Kiln

Never underestimate the transformational power of fire. As the chief architect of the University of West Georgia’s anagama kiln, art professor David Collins has witnessed it. And it’s not just the magical transformation from clay to ceramic that occurs within the belly of the bricked beast.

UWG Sculpture Alum Commissioned by Celebrity

Jesse Duke ’18 has always been interested in the mysteries of the world. In fact, a couple of close encounters inspired the University of West Georgia alumnus to create his most popular – and coveted – works of art.

experience the iron pour tradition with our sculpture students

uwg student artists grow skills in mural and sculpture projects

Two art students at the University of West Georgia recently completed a mural and sculpture to beautify the space at the university's campus in Newnan, Georgia. See the works as they were being developed and hear firsthand from the students about the importance of experiential learning in their UWG experience.