The Department of History’s mission is to teach students about the past and about the discipline of history as an integral part of a complete liberal arts education for citizens in our complex, culturally diverse, and increasingly global society.

In accordance with the University of West Georgia Mission Statement, the members of the Department of History are committed to principles of excellence in:

  • offering quality instruction and advising at all curricular levels in a learner-centered environment
  • offering students at all levels the opportunity to learn historical facts, interpretations, and methods, and to develop critical-thinking skills
  • providing a diverse program of courses that offer a global perspective and that prepare students to pursue careers in a variety of professions, including teaching, public history, business, law, writing and publishing, and research
  • conducting research in a diversity of historical fields in order to enhance the quality of instruction, contribute new knowledge to the discipline, and introduce students to the methods and process of historical research, within the context of supporting the fundamental instructional mission of the Department
  • participating in professional organizations and keeping abreast of literature appropriate to individual specializations
  • contributing through service activities to the university, local, and regional communities.