Are you trying to decide what to do with your History major? The History Department offers an Undergraduate Public History Certificate to help students explore the fields of public history. This embedded certificate is available to many majors offered at UWG and complements most humanities and social sciences programs. History majors now have the option to add the certificate as their minor field.

Required courses for the undergraduate certificate include Introduction to Public History, Public History Internship, and Professionalism in Public History. Students work with the certificate advisor to select from a variety of courses offered in public history as well as related fields including Art, Anthropology, Geography, Marketing, and more. Even if you can’t fit the Certificate into your program plan, students are encouraged to take some of our undergraduate history courses, including Oral History, Introduction to Archives, Introduction to Museums, American Architecture, and Digital History.

To gain a real-life perspective on working in public history, we encourage undergraduate students to pursue internships or volunteer opportunities that are available in a wide range of history organizations. In addition, the Center for Public History often offers paid undergraduate research positions and several volunteer internships available every semester.

Several other departments offer useful courses related to public history.  The Department of Anthropology offers courses in archaeology, including an archaeological field school; cultural resource management; an ethnographic field school; laboratory curation methods; and other class topics relevant to public history.  The Department of Art offers a variety of art history courses, such as American Art, and studio courses, such as photography, which would provide useful skills for public historians. The Department of Geosciences offers courses in geographical information systems (GIS) that would provide students with desirable and marketable skills for future employers.

To apply to the certificate program, complete this form. The certificate advisor will contact interested student upon completing the online application form.

To learn more about the undergraduate certificate, please contact Keri Adams, the Undergraduate Public History Certificate advisor.

To learn more about careers in public history, please contact Dr. Mark Janzen, the Public History Coordinator.