The Center for Public History started the University History Project memory mapping initiative in 2017, aimed to capture the heart of UWG’s diverse campus culture, both past and present. The memories will help build a diverse history of the university that involves students, staff, and faculty from over the history.

We want the University of West Georgia students, alumni, faculty, staff, the West Georgia community, and other UWG affiliates to be a part of the history, and allow their stories to be heard by other. By sharing your stories of UWG, it allows people to reminisce about the past, and learn a different history of the University of West Georgia.

The Center for Public History ask participants to voluntarily fill out memory cards, and to pin it to a map. With the Digital memory mapping, however we have a form that can be filled out, and submitted. When memory-mapping cards are filled out and returned to the Center for Public History the Public history staff enter the location and story into a database, which then are mapped onto our digital map.

The center for Public History is collaborating with the Geosciences Department, to create a virtual map that features the campus memories, which will span the decades of the University’s history, and we are striving to incorporate old maps of campus. Viewers of the map will be able to see both the physical and cultural evolutions of the University of West Georgia Campus.

To add your own memory: Click here

We currently are running a beta verison of the Digital Map
Click on the map to go to the Beta Map.
Campus Map