Computer Science at UWG (CS@UWG) is an approachable, diverse, and future-oriented program committed to preparing the next generation of software developers and technology entrepreneurs for successful careers. We code. We create. We collaborate. We are CS@UWG.

From your first day of class to your final semester capstone project, you will experience a dynamic and student-focused computer science program at UWG. Beyond the classroom, each student is paired with a faculty mentor who guides their success as a student and plans for a future profession. Our computer science eXperience (csX) lab provides face-to-face and online peer tutoring and mentoring for introductory CS classes, and state-of-the-art physical and virtual computing labs provide students with access to industry standard tools and technology that are used throughout the program. CS students also have 24/7 access to our on campus labs and collaboration spaces in UWG’s modern Technology Learning Center building.

Computer Science teaches time management, how to work in groups and on collaborative projects, and there are opportunities to acquire on-the-job experience with for-credit, paid internships that often lead to full-time positions after graduation. Graduates of the program have a breadth of real-world knowledge and experience and are well prepared to seek rewarding careers as software developers, computer programmers, computer systems analysts, web developers, and database administrators. Our graduates have obtained full-time positions at large corporations such as Delta Airlines, Google, The Home Depot, as well as many other successful businesses including local firms in the west Georgia region like 121G Consulting LLC, Across Healthcare, Eagle Advantage Solutions, and Southwire.

CS@UWG is singularly focused on students’ success and providing an excellent computer science education in a personal environment. Regardless of your background or skills in computing and technology, we welcome you to our program.