The Center for Applied Mathematics and Science (CAMS) harbors interdisciplinary research related to applied mathematics in discrete and differential equations. Currently there are ongoing projects in Mathematical Biology and Applied Physics.

Our Center for Applied Mathematics and Science’s mission is:

  • To provide an accessible platform for faculty and graduate students at UWG to address their mathematical need in research.
  • To create a center that will foster collaboration between researchers with various backgrounds in the college of Arts and Science and to develop joint interdisciplinary projects, research proposals and publications.
  • To serve as a catalyst in the development of state-of-the-art graduate and undergraduate educational programs in applied mathematics at UWG.

Our Center for Applied Mathematics and Science’s activities include:

  1. Running a regular interdisciplinary research seminar
  2. Advising non-math faculty and graduate students of mathematics in their research, theses, study
  3. Proposing and carrying out joint interdisciplinary research projects between AS faculty
  4. Giving expository talks to increase students’ awareness on the interaction and connections between the various areas of science
  5. Working with and providing undergraduate students with a hands-on training in research

Dr. Vu Kim Tuan

Dr. Vu Kim Tuan, Professor of Mathematics
Department of Computing and Mathematics
University Of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118
Boyd 325
Phone: 678-839-4135